The Building Center

Structural Materials and Framing

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Construction Materials for your framing package

Construction Materials for Your Framing Package

The Building Center lumberyards can ship virtually all of your lumber and framing materials from our full-service yards serving both North and South Carolina markets.  We operate our own fleet of over 100 vehicles focused on providing you with the best service in the business.  Standard Stock lumber includes:

  • Spruce Lumber: Studs (stock and special), up to 32’ lengths on some widths
  • Yellow Pine Lumber: 2×4 to 2×12
  • Fire Treated Lumber and Plywood
  • Pressure Treated Lumber

Panels, Plywood and Wallboard (including AdvanTech and ZIP System from Huber)

EWP Services

Our EWP department will provide you with either sealed or unsealed plans in three file formats: an MMDL fil, 2-D or 3-D file.  You can also download a Sapphire app that lets you view your EWP plan in 3-D on the jobsite for easier customer service and improved problem solving.

EWP Services
EWP Products

EWP – Engineered Wood Products

The Building Center can provide:

  • I-Joists
  • Lambeams
  • Rimboards to match depths
  • PSL Structural Columns
  • Lambeams

Close the Envelope and Finish the Interior

Our full line or products includes house wrap, subfloor, siding, roofing, drywall, and a variety of engineered products and specialty finishes.